Tree Planting and Landscape Services

Our parent company, Rockelman's Nursery, offers a wide range of landscape services, including tree-planting, landscape design and installation, and landscape maintenance. Our Landscape Designer can assist you in siting your tree and can offer you an estimate on just how much it would cost to have Rockelman's landscapers plant your tree for you.

Our Guarantee: Rockelman's Nursery will guarantee your tree and the labor to plant it for one year from planting, if it is planted by our Landscape Division and if it is given the care and watering as instructed by our staff.

To arrange to have your tree planted for you, or to discuss any other landscape needs you may have, please contact one of the following members of our staff:

Kathy Elliot 717-891-2244   -OR-   Ben Barshinger 717-668-5073

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Rockelman's Heritage Tree Farm