Welcome to Rockelman's Heritage Tree Farm!

HTF Fall 2012

Rockelman's Heritage Tree Farm, a division of Rockelman's Nursery in York, PA, grew out of owner John Rockelman's love for beautiful trees. With over 30 years of retail garden center experience in York, John purchased the Spring Grove farm and began planting the first trees in the mid-1990s. Since then, Rockelman's Heritage Tree Farm has grown from a wholesale operation to a business with both wholesale and retail customers, thus offering both landscape contractors and homeowners a wide selection of beautiful, landscape-size, shade and flowering trees.

Whether you are a landscaper or a homeowner, we invite you to browse our website, where you will find information tailored to your specific needs. Our business is growing, trees and tree-lovers!

Welcome Wholesale Customers

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Visiting The farm

Visits to the tree farm are by appointment only. Please call 717-891-2244 or 717-741-1832 to schedule a visit with our sales personnel. We are able to offer flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. It is best to come prepared to walk tree rows- sturdy shoes or sneakers are recommended! Remember, there are rows and rows of beautiful trees, so give yourself ample time to find just the right one!

Before you visit Heritage Tree Farm

We invite you to visit Heritage Tree Farm, but before you schedule your visit, it is helpful to do a little homework first. What kind of tree are you looking for? Shade or flowering? Front yard accent or backyard screen? Think about the function of the tree in your current landscape. You might also consider how much you want to budget toward your new tree and whether you will plant it yourself or have our landscapers plant it for you. Perhaps most importantly, you should note the site conditions for the tree you hope to plant: Is the site sunny or shady? Windy or protected? Wet or dry? Having answers to these questions will make for successful tree-shopping.